High quality seeds of vegetable and floral species for the professionals:  
  The under-cover production ensures good sanitary conditions. With the "ferti-irrigation", we can control the composition of the soil in the main fertilizing elements as well as the micro elements.

For each species, we adopt the most suitable harvesting, drying and cleaning methods.

During the harvest, an important logistics is set up in order to reduce the time from threshing to drying and cleaning.

The drying and cleaning equipment has been selected for its performance in terms of rapidity and efficiency.

All these factors together with a production in an environment strictly isolated from the outside permit to guarantee an excellent germination quality and varietal purity.
Foundation seed and small batches intended to future varieties are also parts of our production.  
The species that we are working on, at the moment, are: cauliflowers, broccolis, lettuce, salvia, etc.  
Lettuces   Sages
Carrots   Cauliflowers
Chicoreys   Cauliflowers